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Biomertic Fingerprint System

Drastically Reduces Payroll Processing Cost

Eliminates paper card and all cost associated with paper cards (cards, ribbons, etc.)

Reduces time needed to verify attendance data.

Reduces time needed to calculate and process payroll.

Eliminates mistake in calculating work hours and other human errors (manual re-entering, etc.).

Centralized payroll processing reduces HR and accounting personnel involvement.

Eliminates "buddy-punching"

Biometric finger reader provides with highest level of securit.

Impossible to punch in or out for somebody else.

Helps Managers And Supervisors Control Overtime

Enforces company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments

Provides report identifying overtime usage for better control.

keeps historical data to analyze trends and labour costs.

Monitors Multiple Locations

Multiple locations, departments, shifts and companies support.

Flexible remote Hand Reader connectivity options - Network (TCP/IP), Modem or Serial cable.

Provides head quarter with better control tool over labour costs and allocation.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time labour data availability - no more waiting days and weeks to get latest labour costs.

One central database supports multiple installations.

keeps historical data to analyze trends and labour costs.

Zeatech provides the new Biometric Finger Print System Attendance System which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from the computerized time clock and it calculates the useful information like lateness, overtime, absent, etc. This information can be automatically uploaded into Payroll software to calculate the salary information. You can avoid human error on calculating salary. It has feature for rounding hour’s accuracy.
Biometric time attendance recorder can totally prevent cheating on working hours. The finger reader is robust, accurate and fool-proof. It assigns access right to individual person. It reduces payroll processing cost, eliminates buddy punching, help Manager and Supervisors to control overtime. Easy to monitor working hours of employees in different locations. It gives real time report to track the employees sick , absent and vacation days. Supports different working patterns.