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Maintenance And Support

Maintenance And Support

Maintenance and support is part of any software development life cycle. Web applications, websites, desktop applications, etc… all need maintenance and support as most of the client needs change and scale.

Zeatech provides Annual maintenance services that frees you from retaining expesive in-house support staff. We help our clients to run their businesses smoothly without having to worry about the maintenance.

Ongoing Support – Fixing of bugs or errors, problem analysis and resolution, on call support.

Adaptive Enhancements – Modifications to support business or technical requirements changes

Upgrades – New Functionality or Feature additions.

Technical Improvement – Optimization restructuring or rewriting

Zeatech provides FREE warrantee period depending on the project that we undertake to ensure stable and smooth functioning of the system.

We can provide you our maintenance plans and rates on request. Please contact us via email sales@zeatech.com.sg or call us at 65-63381725.